Natural, fresh, healthy!

Seda Food Company, a member of Bilpa Group, is a company who develops, process/ manufactures and distributes healthy, safe, fresh and tasty dried fruits, nuts, candies and cookies.
Meyna, products are produced from the raw materials which are harvested and stored with best care.

Meyna Nuts, Meyna Trail mix, Meyna Crocant and Meyna Carrot Delight products are produced from carefully selected and stored high quality raw materials and presented to our valued consumers.

Our mission.

• To deliver ever improving snacking experience for our consumers with great products at fair prices.
• To exceed consumer expectations for healthy, safe, fresh and tasty food, making their lives
easier everyday.

Our Team.

We have a very talented team, including experienced in their fi eld of expertise food engineers.
Our people is the real power behind sustainable premium quality of our healthy, safe, fresh and
tasty products which is possible only if there is a priority of human healthiness.

Our Values.

- Trust in your Country and your Family!
- Love your Country, Family, Customers and Job!
- Work Hard!
- Be ready for the Future!


As long as each Meyna package is a special experience for you ... Enjoy.