Natural, fresh, healthy!

As Seda Gida, we develop, process, produce and distribute healthy, safe, fresh and delicious nuts, protein bars, krokans and jelly products under Meyna Brand.

Meyna Kuruyemiş, Meyna Trail mix, Meyna Krokan and Meyna Cezerye products are produced from carefully selected and stored high quality raw materials and presented to our valued consumers.

Our mission.

Healthy, safe, fresh and delicious food products to our customers at affordable prices.

Our Team.

The most important power behind our ability to achieve sustainable high quality production is; Healthy, safe, fresh and delicious food products in terms of human health, our experienced Food Engineers and our employees in their management production.

Our Values.

-Country and family confidence
-Love your country, your family, your customers and your business
-Get ready for the future!


As long as each Meyna package is a special experience for you ... Enjoy.